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Additional Information Unavailable

I have until 7pm tonight to decide whether to cancel or not. I am not impressed. about any of it. and I get an amazing amount of fake inquiries. how fucked up is it that a “wink” is generated by a fake person. YOu get an email that says “hey, someone winked at you!” and you think “yay!” and then it is the same thing…

gorgeous guy, great profile, from far away. their screen name is sappy or optimistic (heart2luvu2 or bettertomorrow4us), there search parameters are broad (under height it says 3’0 to 8’11, age is 40-62, everytime) and did i mention that they are super cute and fit? its the photos that give it away most easily.

same guy?, um, i think not…

and after the initial wink, if you wink back or send an email, their profile gets cahnged to “additional information unavailable”.

and these guys are all widowers. going for the sympathy vote. it is the deviousness of that that find so offensive. it is hard enough protecting and guarding against devious live people without having to contend with devious computer programs.


About kellig

California native, in my 40's, single, creative, homeowner. My mom lives with me, as do 3 cats. My interests include stained glass, books, movies, living greener, getting healthier, both physically and mentally. I am pretty well adjusted person, a glass-half-full kind of gal. I am hopeful for mankind, cynical about politics and government. I love a good sci-fi movie, a group of friends, and a glass of Chimay (red label). I have lived in big cities my whole life, most recently LA, and have longed to get out of the rat race. A year ago I made a decision to move to Northern Cali, and slow down, enjoy life a little more. Things didn't turn out quite as I had imagined, but I am still here, and have faith that it will all work out in the end. see? glass half full.

5 responses to “Additional Information Unavailable

  1. Wow, I find the idea of using a kid in the picture to reel in unsuspecting women assuming our ovaries won’t be able to resist it just a tad offensive, too. I hated match, though. Granted, I haven’t used it in a few years, but for all the free dating websites out there, I find it a little crazy they charge as much as they do.

  2. Joe Putman ⋅

    What you are referring to happens to men and women on match. For men it is 28 year old hotties that are happy to date midgets to giants in the age range of 40-75. Really?? The good news is that these are scammer’s profiles that Match is actively identifying quickly and closing down. Match is not in league with them or using some automated tool to make you think people want to date you. Scammers recognize that people looking for relationships could be taken advantage of so they try to figure out a way to get you interested and then suddenly need to “borrow” money to get out of jail, or for tickets to come visit you, or some other made up emergency.

    Match does a pretty good job of turning these profiles off the same day they go up, but since they do not want to risk being sued for defamation of character, they just list that the profile is unavailable instead of labeling the profile “SCAMMER – BEWARE!”

    I have met some great women from Match and am still on the site. I haven’t met “the one” yet, but have had plenty of great dates with beautiful educated women in their thirties and forties. I am 47 and recently divorced and have found match to be a great way to meet people I would otherwise never meet. I work for myself and have no circle of friends from work. I do not frequent bars or do many things where thirty and forty something females are waiting to be asked out. For me Match is a godsend. BTW, I PROMISE I do not work for Match! LOL

    • kellig ⋅

      Joe, I have several acquaintances who have had good luck with match, as well. I just don’t think the internet dating thing is for me. thanks for the feedback.

  3. Marco ⋅

    And all this time I thought the ladies were blocking me from contacting them. Well I guess that’s good news. Besides I have met a couple of nice professional women on Match, but I’m still looking.

  4. jay bee

    Match is totally involved in sowing you all these winks and interests to get you to join and the once you have paid 50 interests wind up being 2 or 3 people that you already were not interested in from before…during your whole PAID subscription you get 1 or 2 emails the day after it runs out you mysteriously have 15 that you can only open if you rejoin!

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